Membership only £2

If you live in our Membership Area and your membership card has not yet been renewed you may have been out when we called. To renew your membership card or to join for the first time send an e mail to our Secretary- Secretary@ (to be appointed).

Our membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March.

Membership Area:-

Airlie Ave., Argyll Rd., Atholl Gdns., Bailie Dr., Brandon Dr., Buccleuch Court, Buccleuch Dr., Campsie Dr., Cromarty Cr., Dumgoyne Dr., Elgin Rd., Hamilton Cr., Heather Ave., Huntly Dr., Lennox Court, Lovat Ave., Mar Dr., Montrose Dr., Queensberry Ave., Rutherwood Court, Roxburgh Dr., Seafield Ave, Stockiemuir Ave., Stockiemuir Ct., Sutherland Ave., Tweedsmuir Cr.